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February Reflections and March Resolutions

February 28, 2017

I’ve never been a huge fan of New Years Resolutions- I always make them, and even stick to them some of the time, but I don’t find they’re the most productive way to make the most out of a whole year. Instead, I find it’s so much more effective to reflect on my goals at the end of each month that passes and to set some for the coming month. That way, it’s harder to get side-tracked – claiming I’ll start later in the year – it’s easier to get things accomplished as I have a one-month ‘deadline’, and I have the chance to reflect on the beautiful and special things that have happened throughout the past thirty days. I know I’m not the only one that has uttered the words “oh well, I’ll try again next year”, so now that February has come to a close, set a moment aside to think about all that has made you feel grateful this past month, and reflect on what you want to accomplish this coming month. Here are some of my reflections and resolutions, along with a some film photos that have captured a few special moments of the month that has just come to a close.
February Reflections
February passed by in a second. I usually say that about most months, and maybe it’s because this month was only 28 days long and because I had a bunch of guests coming in and out of my apartment, but February really did start and end in a huge rush. The weather was mostly grey and wet here in Copenhagen, but that made me appreciate the days of sun (8 to be precise) so much more. The grey days did get to me though, and I have to admit I felt tired more than usual, but I didn’t have all that much free time to let it sink in: with old friends coming to visit, being busy with work and leaving the city a couple of times.

Over the course of the past month I’ve also found myself becoming a lot more aware of my shopping patterns and how hard our cities make it to be sustainable, despite what I previously thought, especially in a city like Copenhagen. I used to think I lived a relatively waste-free life: after all, I carry around a re-usable water bottle every day, make a conscious effort to shop second-hand or from sustainable brands, not throw food away, recycle meticulously and do my weekly shopping with a few cotton totes on hand. But then I took a look in my fridge, and noticed that most things were wrapped in plastic: oranges, avocados, cabbage, all of it. That same day I went to the supermarket with the aim of not buying anything wrapped in plastic, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that the only things I could find were lemons, ginger and pomegranates- and even then, I was instructed to weigh the individual items and put a plastic sticker on them. At every corner I turn, I notice how much unnecessary plastic is thrown in our faces and how much it is normalised. Not okay!

March Resolutions

1.Use less plastic
This month my main goal is to use less plastic, and that means I will definitely need to do the majority of my food shopping at small shops which don’t pre-package everything. I’ve also noticed how sneakily plastic enters our lives: from beauty products to cleaning products- it’s time to step the DIY’s up. The main resource I’ve been using to learn more about working towards achieving a zero-waste life is the website ‘Trash is for Tossers’, written by the lovely Lauren Singers. Check it out if you need some extra guidance- she covers a lot on there.

2.Immerse myself in nature at least once a week
Laziness crept in this past month with getting out into nature, but the few times that I did felt amazing. And by nature, I don’t just mean the neighbourhood park; I mean really getting out there. Just a few days ago I went on the most beautiful impromptu 4-hour hike up a Swiss mountain, which left me wonderfully exhausted and reminded me of just how much I love the slow paced country side life.   Now that the weather is getting better, I’m aiming to get out of the city once a week to just explore and be, whether it’s alone or with friends.

3.Be Present
This one might sound fairly cliché, but I spent a lot of moments this past month thinking about how quickly the year is passing and feeling slightly anxious about the summer coming before I’m ready for it to. The summer means the end of some very wonderful things, so my mind has frequently been drifting and thinking ahead, but I’m now making a conscious effort to just be and to make every week special in its own way, whether it’s by not thinking months ahead or by just slowing down each day and cutting the constant need to multitask and juggle tasks in my mind.  It’s also a wonderful thing to practice, not only for ourselves, but for the people that surround us, as giving presence to our loved ones and the people with has to ability to strengthen relationships and bonds way more than we realise.


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