French Toast with White Chocolate and Maple Berries

June 30, 2017

I often get a couple looks of disapproval when I mention preferring french toast to pancakes, waffles or any other breakfast food really. Whether it has to do with my obsession with anything bread-based, my inability to successfully flip pancakes or whether I actually prefer the taste of them, all I know is that my love for french toast has been growing steadily for as long as I can remember. My weekday version of french toast includes a couple slices of bread, some banana and milk, and maple syrup. My weekend version on the other hand, is this queen of a dish, and includes vegan white chocolate sauce and maple lemonΒ berries. Heaven in a dish my friends!
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Summer Bruschette with Lemon Oil

June 16, 2017

My eating philosophy throughout the summer months usually goes along the lines of “simple is best”. As much as I love spending a good while in the kitchen, nothing compares to the quick and cold delicious lunches that come together during the summer. Bruschette were the quintessential summer dish in my house growing up and they would be a starter or main depending on how lazy we were feeling and how many toppings we could come up with. Β These summer bruschette are bursting with the flavours and vibrancy of a spring that has just come to a close. Fresh peas, asparagus, roasted garlic, curly-leaf parsley and homemade lemon oil come together to form freshest bite you’ll taste this month. I know that’s a big claim considering the amount of juicy and refreshing produce that is out on the market around now, but fresh crisp greens, citrus and sourdough don’t lie…
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Roasted Pepper Sunshine Salad

May 30, 2017

It’s amazing how one food or flavour can take you back to a really specific moment in time. Everything about this dish, its taste, its smell and its vibrancy, takes me back to warm summer evenings in our terrace in Rome. Β The smell of roasted peppers would linger in our kitchen for hours. Mom would then mix them with tuna, day-old bread, capers and olives and thatΒ sweet smell would be the sign of the lunch or dinner to come for a couple of days.IMG_3912 Continue Reading…


Spiced Apricot Galettes

May 16, 2017

Every day this month I have woken up thinking “oh no! It’s already the X of May”. I just cannot comprehend how this year has passed so quickly. Although I’m sad time is passing and that it will be the end of July before I know it, meaning that I have to leave the city that has given me so much joy for the past year, those worrisome feelings have been balanced out by the joy of feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin and excitement for a sunny June and July. Although I have been warned that summers in Copenhagen tend to not stay warm for long, this past weekend left me hot and craving all things peachy and juicy. When the rain rolled back around on Monday, I ran to my corner store, picked up the brightest apricots I could find, ate half straight out my bag, and baked the rest in rye galettes. Sweet, juicy and sunny, what’s not to love?
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Potato and Leek Bake with Cashew Dill Cream

May 1, 2017

Long time no blog. The week I spent in Sweden at the beginning of the month left me inspired to continue the slow-paced life I had picked up on while there, but uninspired to get behind a computer and write. That calming week was spent resting, walking, eating, playing, cooking and eating and although I had tons of recipe ideas when I returned, nothing felt right. What did feel right was this potato and leek bake that I had been making every week since my return, that felt far too simple to blog but that, without even realising, reflected the pace and flavours that had been present during my week in the countryside: different types of alliums, potatoes and dill. Humble, easy, delicious.IMG_3444
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Minty Fresh Spring Green Tacos

April 6, 2017

It’s finally the beginning of Spring here in Copenhagen! The trees outside my house are no longer naked, I can have dinner with the sun still shining and almost best of all, Spring produce is on the shelves. This week I arrived home from the market full of Spring greens and purples and was craving all of the beautiful flavours in one meal, which is where the idea for this Fully Loaded Spring Green Tacos was born. Soft tortillas are stuffed with mint tahini massaged purple kale, grilled asparagus, spring onion lentil salad, sprouts, and mashed avocado with mint. Keep reading and get your Spring on!
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