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Hi, I'm Valentina- welcome to Bowl of Comfort.  This blog actually started as a soup delivery business in 2015, when I would make big batches of soup and deliver them by bike around Exeter.  It was a crazy and great year, and although I eventually stopped when I left Exeter, I'm so happy I decided to continue on with the blog throughout the summer in London and now here, in Copenhagen. It is now a space dedicated to all that inspires me to live more consciously- be it plant-based foods, certain topics, or people. Because of this, the blog is divided in three sections, 'recipes', 'real talk' and 'interviews'.  I'll talk a little more about that below but for now I  just wanted to thank you for reading and supporting Bowl of Comfort so I created this page to let you get to know me and the site a little better.  Here are a few Q&As I thought would help do that.

How old are you and where are you from?
I'm an August baby and turned 20 in 2016.  I was born in Argentina, and grew up in Spain, Connecticut, Rome and the UK. I'm now living in Copenhagen for the year, before returning to do my final year of university in Exeter.

What do you study?
I'm in my third year of University and study Politics, even though I'm almost certain I won't go down that path once I graduate and instead want to keep going down the food and health path.  A lot of people ask me if I regret studying politics now that I know I want to do something completely different, but the answer is no.  I find it all really interesting, to learn about climate change, states, the world order and to really face and try to understand some of the horrible things that have happened in our distant and recent history.  Despite getting really into these things whilst studying and researching them, I just don't think it's for me.  I'm certain I'll feel the most fulfilled doing what I'm really passionate about and really do think I'll have a stronger impact on some of these issues by following the path that's right for me.

Where are you now and what is it like? 
I moved to Copenhagen in September 2016, and it's crazy to think that I've already been here for 5 months?!  This city is amazing, and I've been feeling my happiest in a while here.  Living in a small town like Exeter for two years was fun and comfortable, but I have really felt like things have most come into place here.  I love the rhythm of the city and the lifestyle here, and can see myself settling down here at some point in the future.  Although I am more of a sun girl, the weather and little sunlight hours haven't affected me negatively much at all.  I was so worried about it before coming, and I'm not sure if it's just because of the friends I've made, the city's cosiness or how busy I am here, but I hardly notice the greyness and short days (most of the time).  I've also started a really wonderful job/internship here that has been inspiring me and making me feel even more grateful for being here. All is good.

What is your 'food philosophy'? 
I switched to a plant-based diet more than a year ago, and it was one of the best decisions I could have made for my body. I really dislike labels, and after spending a majority of that year trying to figure out what 'type' of plant-based diet was best for me - high carb, low fat, little oil etc. - I've realised that what makes me happiest is to just eat a balance of what I like and what makes my body feel good, and the two often coincide. I don't stay away from oils or nut/seed butters (quite the opposite on that last one) and wouldn't trade my bread for anything.

What is the 'recipes' section of the blog?
This section is pretty self-explanatory.  It is dedicated to healthy, seasonal and delicious plant-based foods, inspired by a love for all of the healing natural foods that surround us, and written with the aim of keeping your bellies happy and bodies glowing.  I hope that by reading some of the recipes, you're inspired to stop at the market on your way home, pick up produce, get in the kitchen and cook yourself happy.

What is the 'real talk' section of the blog?
Up until just a few weeks ago, this blog was solely dedicated to recipes.  After months of wanting to expand the blog and talk about other things, I decided to create a section dedicated to 'real talk'- topics I feel need to be spoken about more and which I feel could help people live every day more consciously, sustainably and most importantly, happily.  This section is still in its first stages, but I have many plans for it, so stay with me!  This section is also open to submissions, so if you have any ideas and want to contribute- get in touch!

What is the 'interview' section of the blog?
I constantly feel so inspired by the people that surround me and by some of the passionate people I've connected with on social media, so I created this section to get their words of wisdom on sustainability, veganism, environmentalism, health, and general happiness.  This section is also very new, but I'm hoping to get out a couple interviews a month, so again, stay tuned.

I hope what you read on the blog is a source of inspiration and makes you think a little more about something new.
Much love,

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